How do the Super Un-Boring Trails work? 

Select the trails you would like to purchase, pay using your PayPal or by card, and an electronic file (a pdf) will be delivered to your email address. Open on your smartphone or tablet, and follow the route around Bath. You don’t need to print them out, and they aren’t apps, so you don’t need to free up lots of space on your phone. When you download the file for the first time we suggest that you save the file to your phone.


Do I need to take a map with me? 

To streamline your trail, and to make use of the device you are viewing the trail on, Super Un-Boring Trails do not include maps. Bath has excellent phone and data signal so if you would like to check the street names listed in your trail, we recommend running your favourite mapping app (e.g. googlemaps) in the background of your trail. Alternatively, city maps are available at the Tourist Information Centre, next to the Abbey.


Can I share my trail after I have purchased it?

You are not permitted to share Super Un-Boring trails with another person’s device for free, excepting Wife of Bath Hen Party Trails, which come with permission to share with other members of your party.


Will I have to pay entrance fees for anything listed on the trails?

The trails do not require you to enter attractions. Where entrance fees are payable to enter attractions that we suggest you might like to go into (e.g. the Roman Baths, Thermae Bath Spa) prices are listed in your trail. Choosing not to go into the suggested attractions will not affect the way your trail works.


How can I contact you? 


I am on holiday with my family for the week of half-term (30th May – 4th June) and unable to respond to emails during this time. I will respond to you as soon as I am back.


Do I have to use the buses you suggest on the Quadruple Crescent Pub Loop and the Green and Pleasant Land Tour?

Bath is hilly and the buses make quick and light work of taking you to the top point of a route allowing you to enjoy a gentle stroll downhill for the rest of the trail. But if you want to walk, there is nothing but your own fitness level to stop you.


Do I get unlimited downloads of my trails after I’ve purchased them? 

You have a download limit of 3 downloads for each trail. We suggest that when you download them for the first time you save the pdf files to your phone/ tablet. This means that the trails will be yours to keep forever.


Are payments secure on your site?

Our payments are all processed through PayPal – you will be redirected to PayPal to make your payment securely.